Mechanical Services & Rates

Outboard/Inboard Motor Boat Repair & Maintenance Services

Providing Toronto boaters with competitive rates year after year

Unplanned boat repair or regular maintenance? At Great Lakes Yacht Services our team is ready to take care of all your outboard or inboard motor repairs and maintenance needs. Our trained and experienced repair and maintenance team will ensure your boat’s outboard or inboard motor is running smooth all through the Toronto boating season.

We also offer a number of other boat repair and maintenance services too, including:

  • Drive service
  • Gel Coat Repair
  • Yacht deliveries
  • Equipment installations
  • Engine surveys
  • Hull repairs
  • Gear oil change
  • Engine oil and filter change
  • Tune-ups
  • Rigging
  • and more.

Plus, when fall arrives, we have a variety of boat winterizing packages to choose from as well.

We can also store your boat’s outboard motor and batteries for the winter.

Boat storage available for all seasons.

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